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The Making of Dust

Drawing from Varanasi, India by Lee Lee
The Making of Dust – detail

This painting was inpired by the poem The Making of Dust by Drew Myron. It was created for an invitational exhibition at Weilworks in Denver, in which all artists were asked to create a work inspired specifically by this poem by Drew Myron. Integrating imagery of cracked earth and a woman immersed in prayer from Varanasi, India, the work was drawn into paper which had been printed with fresh tar using a pickup truck.

The Making of Dust
Drew Myron

The car roars past the turned face

no burning regret
no slow moving sorrow
this the near-miss noticed

the ledge trembles still we hold
hands dive.
We are this secure, this fragile
a marriage of disconnects
confessions comforts a faint
light forming

This is the making of dust
a layer tangible as grace
the earth cracks
soundless beneath our feet.

The making of Dust by Lee Lee
The Making of Dust | tar, watercolor, graphite & oil pastel on Strathmore | 30” x 22”
Private collection, Denver