Painting of Kenyan students by Lee Lee
After School in Kenya | oil on foamcore with plastic .debris. inlay
A grandmother floats through a crowd of school children towards a pair of traditionally clad young hunters.

As a gift upon graduating high school, I was sent to Kenya on an Ouward Bound course to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. An extraordinary climb to the top of Africa, we had the opportunity to ascend on the Tanzanian side of the mountain, where we had the landscape to ourselves. Part of the journey included a visit to a Masai village, where I found and painted this pair of traditionally dressed tribal members in the company of Kenyan students in modern dress. Appearing ghost-like, as if fading into the background, the works question the stability of the nomadic cultures that call the Savannah home.

Oil painting of a Masai mother and child by Lee Lee
Oil painting of Masai Warrior in Kenya by Lee Lee