Lee Lee


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regarding genocide


cultivating compassion - overview of presentation

Site specific installation at the Seventh Biennial Conference of the International Association of Genocide Scholars in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, themed Responding to Genocide Before It's Too Late: Genocide Studies and Prevention.

right: schoolgirl, Burma; oil on shotgunned plywood, 2007

Lee Lee - schoolchild in Myanmar

mizel museum
01.07 - 04.07

view Cambodian work exhibited at the Museum

Art exhibit a testament to the triumphs of survivors
by Cindy Rodriguez - the Denver Post

Sudan's faces of suffering
by Erika Gonzalez - the Rocky Mountain News

“…an exhibit that emanates hope, resilience, and strength in the face of torture and tragedy” – 5280 Magazine

“…thought-provoking…” – SouthwestArt Magazine

overview of entire exhibition

view UXO monoprints that reflect the lingering efects of landmines & unexploded ordinance

right: Ta Prohm - Cambodia, 2005

Lee Lee - Ta Prohm in Angkor Wat, Cambodia





These figurative paintings are the result of travels through China, Myanmar and South Carolina. Capturing weavers in their daily rituals, the paintings blend woman with machine in a celebration of the ancient art and a contemplative measure of the gains and losses of our global times.


Exhibition presented by Weilworks
3611 Chestnut Place - Denver






spin - China; oil on linen, 2007
weave - Myanmar; oil on canvas, 2007
lintheads - South Carolina; xerography, pencil, conte & tarpaper on burnt collage, 2007

Lee Lee - China, silk spinner

Lee Lee - Burma, cotton weaver

Lee Lee - abandoned cottonmill in South Carolina


Confined Shrines of Myanmar

morning rituals along the Ganga in India

Torched Angels from Havana's Graveyard

Santaria Shrine, Cuba

animism collages from Vietnam


right: in Mourning on the Ganga in the morn (detail), India; watercolor, blood & oxidized copper on handmade Indian paper, 2006

Lee Lee - India

the human condition

view portraits of Vrnda

An exhibition of artwork that investigates issues of safety & community well-being
March 2010
ROOT DIVISION - San Francisco, CA

The Human Condition
September 2008
C Emerson Fine Art - St Petersburg, FL

right - Vrnda - mixed media on burnt collage
Proud mother of a Sergeant Combat Medic OIF Vet stationed in Iraq

"Love, peace & prayers for the middle east." END THE WAR NOW!!!

"I join with my sisters in every land in the Pax Materna - a permanent declaration of peace that transcends our ideological differences. In the nuclear shadow, war is obsolete. I will no longer suffer in silence nor sustain it by complicity. They shall not send my son to fight another mother's son. For now, forever, there is no mother who is enemy to another mother."

Lee Lee - mother of a combat medic stationed in Iraq


Three generations of women in the echoes of war in Bosnia. This work focuses on displacement and nostalgia as it explores the continuing impacts of a war that happened over a decade ago.

Developed during a residency at the Vermont Studio Center, 1.08

right: collapsed home in Vares, watercolor on woodblock, 2008

Lee Lee - Vares, Bosnia


A new crop of unexploded bombs and landmines emerge from the earth after every monsoon season in Southeast Asia. Laid down over a generation ago, their presence demonstrates how the effects of modern warfare does not end upon the signing of a peace agreement, but goes on to affect communities around the world for decades.



view UXO monoprints

right: UXO; drypoint monoprint with burnt chine collee, 2002