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Intha Market - Burma

venta los platanos - Guatemala


Lee Lee - Mother of a Combat Medic in Iraq
Vrnda: Mother of a Combat Medic in Iraq

Lee Lee - Inle Lake, Burma

Lee Lee - Varanasi, India
The Making of Dust


Lee Lee - artist in Cambodia painting of Angkor Wat
Ta Prohm - Cambodia


Chinatown Eggcase

Salla Dancer


Queen Jayarajadevi

Femme d'Afrique Ouest

My work looks at collisions between traditions and globalization and explores environmental impacts of our post-industrial, chemical age.



Selected Exhibitions

3-4.16: DEBRIS at Gallery Route One, Point Reyes Station near the National Seashore, California
2.16: Expanding Worlds - TransCultural Exchange, Boston University with satelite events at MIT, the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum and Harvard University, Boston MA
12.15: Haiti - Aqua Art Miami
11-12.15: Sacred Soil: Cultivating the Urban Lakou - curated by Leah Gordon, Ghetto Biennial, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
9.15: The Knew Normal - curated by Nancy Zastudil, 516 Arts, Albuquerque NM
7-10.15: The Life of Things (La Vie des Choses) - Curated by Viviane Le Coutois, in conjunction with the Biennial of the Americas, Processus Art & Life, Denver CO
11.14: Networked Urban Mobilities, How new technologies change cities, cultures & economies - Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark
11.14: Over the Edge: Paperworks Unbound - curated by Claire Gilman of the Drawing Center, Williamsburg Arts & Historical Center, Brooklyn NY
10: Terra Madre, Turin, Italy
7-8.14: Art as Catalyst, Center for Global Justice, San Miguel d’Allende, Mexico
6-7.14: Shifting Ecologies, The Painting Center, NY
6.14: Welcome to the Anthropocene: From Global Challenge to Planetary Stewardship, Pace University, NY
4-6.14: Do You See What I See? – Installation on the lifeline of Plastic - Chateau de la Napoule, France
2.14: Equilibrium, Art for a Changing World, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago IL
12.13: Ghetto Biennial – Nourish, Port au Prince, Haiti
9.13: Making Waves – Installation on Ocean Plastic, University of Colorado Museum of Natural History, Boulder CO
6.13: One Million Bones – Installation along the National Mall, Washington DC
5-6.13: Urban Earth - Downtown Aurora Visual Arts Center, Aurora CO
5-6.13: Our Global Village, The Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder CO
2-3.13: 528.0 exhibition of printmaking, Redline, Denver CO
10-11.12: Women & Body, – catalog available - Exhibitions at Kepco Plaza Gallery Museum in Seoul & Gwangju Cultural Foundation’s MediaCube 338 in Gwangju, South Korea
9.12: ISEA2012: Machine Wilderness - Reinvisioning Art, Technology & Nature, Taos, NM.
9-10.12: Power, Politics & Performance, Steinhilber Art Gallery, University of Wisconsin
6-8.12: Natural/Constructed Spaces, The Painting Center, New York NY
5-6.12: Consumer Culture, Woman Made, Chicago IL
5-8.12: Taos Contemporary - Metropolitan State University - Center for Visual Art, Denver, CO
8-9.11: Nature: Working! 910Arts, Denver CO
7.11: Urban Art, - Curated by Michelle Yamamoto, Columbia Arts Center, Hood River OR
5.11 & 11.10: N.A.W.A. Sylvia Wald & Po Kim Gallery, New York NY
4-5.11 & 4-5.05: Art from Detritus, Williamsburgh Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn NY
11.10: Bleed, Environmental Photography at the Colorado Environmental Film Festival, Golden CO
10 .10: Vanishing Pollinators, Bioneers Conference – WEAD installation, San Rafael, CA
7-8.10: Guatemala, Biennial of the Americas, Gallery 420, Denver CO
5.10: Art & Agriculture, Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River OR
4-5.10: Texas National 2010, - Selected by Judy Pfaff, The Cole Art Center, Nacodoches TX
3.10: Security - Curated by Stephanie Ellis & Serna Wellen, Root Division, San Francisco CA
2010, 2012 & 2013 Miniatures - Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos
1-5.10: ArtHouse Traveling Library – The Sketchbook Project – 303Grand, Brooklyn NY – Art & Shelter Gallery, Los Angeles CA – Soulard, St Louis, MO – Home Gallery, Chicago IL
10.09: Reap: The Environmental Unsustainability of the American Food Machine, C Emerson Fine Art, St Petersburg FL
6-12.09: Looking for Loci, Denver Community Museum, CO & San Francisco Mobile Museum, CA
5-7.09: Extinction: Artists Respond– catalog available, Denver Botanic Gardens, CO
12.08: Sacred, DAC, Denver CO
9.08: The Human Condition, C Emerson Fine Art, St Petersberg, FL
6-7.08: Self Defined: Art of the Self Portrait, Flash Gallery, Belmar CO
6.08: The Cradle Project - Albequerque, NM
4.08: React, C Emerson Fine Art, St Petersberg, FL
11.07: Spirituality & Materialism, C Emerson Fine Art, St Petersberg, FL
7.07: Cultivating Compassion, site specific installation - International Conference of Genocide Scholars, Sarajevo, Bosnia
6.07: Weave - Weilworks, Denver CO
1-4.07: 10 “Glocal” Artists Interpret Genocide, the Mizel Museum, Denver, CO
10.06: Arts at Altitude, coinciding with the opening of the Denver Art Museum expansion - Kitchens’Ink, Denver CO
8.06: Flow & 8.05: Red, Kitchens'Ink, Denver CO.
6.06: Ritual - India, Myanmar & Vietnam. HMK Designs, Denver CO
4.06: The Making of Dust & 1.07: Colleagues - Invitationals at Weilworks, Denver, CO
3.06: Tack, Western art at the Grand National Rodeo, San Francisco, CA
8-10.05: "strange", "confrontational", "offensive"...Found Objects Colorado, Denver CO
9.05: Ta Prohm, Weilworks, Denver CO
8.05: Brand supporting the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Denver CO
7-8.05: Retrospect, Bas Bleu, Fort Collins CO.
2.05: HeartArt - Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver CO
12.04: UNICEF: Rwanda, Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities, CO
11.04: AIDS: the Tragedy in Africa, Museum of Natural History, Denver CO
1-2.03: Remote: Hawai'i & 7-8.01: Pieta: Havana St Marks, Denver CO
1-3.02: Corporate Collections 2002, Republic Plaza, Denver CO
1-2.02: Umbered & 1-2.00: Lazy Shamrock Ranch supporting the Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Denver CO
6-8.00 & 01: Nautilus Presents, Crescent Pond Gallery, Block Island, RI
6.00: A Humanitarian Journey, Installation to raise awareness of landmines, Bell Harbor Conference Center, Seattle.
12.99: 9 - Site specific installation at the Metropolitan Center, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
7.98: Women of Ancient Greece, Elizabeth Schlosser Fine Art, Denver CO
4.98: Women in the Visual Arts, Erector Square Gallery, New Haven, CT
4.98: Works on Paper '98, San Jacinto College South, Houston TX
3.98: The Faces of Woman, National exhibition sponsored by the Las Vegas Arts Council, NM
9.97: 32nd Annual Open Exhibition, San Bernandino County Museum, CA
3.96: Thesis, the Woods Gerry Gallery, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence RI
2.95: Painterly Prints of Mexico, Instituto Allende, Guanajuato Mexico.

Media: Features

3.14: Plastic Ocean, Radio Café, Santa Fe Public Radio
9.13: Valley Family Voyages to Burning Man by Laura Lieff, Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle
6.13: Extreme Backyard Gardeners by Emily Beenen - edible Santa Fe
12.12: An Artful Adventure in Sustainable Living by Lyn Bleiler – Eco Source Magazine
6.12: The Tales of Thatcher Gray: A Year in Grandpa’s Garden – featured in edible Santa Fe
4.11: The Plastic Flow: From Waste to Waves by Camilla Thiele for the UN Environment Programme
11.10: Hundreds Fill Santa Fe Riverbed To Bring Attention To Climate Change by Jessica Dyer, Albuquerque Journal
10.09: Bitter but Beautiful Harvest – Lee Lee’s stark style captures anger and elegance among environmental degradation by Lennie Bennett, St Petersburg Times
10.07: Myanmar: Lee Lee’s portraits of children on the cusp of Genocide by Cat Legere, Five Magazine
4.07: On the Subject of Genocide by Bonnie Ganglehoff, SouthwestArt Magazine
5.4.07: Sudan's faces of suffering by Erika Gonzalez, The Rocky Mountain News Spotlight
2.07: The Human Element - An Interview with Lee Lee by Ian MacKenzie, Brave New Traveler
28.1.07: Art exhibit a testament to triumphs of survivors by Cindy Rodriguez, The Denver Post
12.05: Small Wonder, paintings featured within Q Interior Design spaces, 5280 Magazine
1.04: Featured on ABC and CBS newscasts regarding my collaboration with the National Breast Cancer Coalition.
11.03: Showcase: American ingenuity ties pieces of history, by Betsy Lehndorff - Rocky Mountain News Spotlight
11.02: From Denver to Africa and Back...A Plea for Understanding by Patterson Benero, In the Black Magazine
10.01: Interpretations of a War-Torn Country by Jennie Shortridge, FiberArts - The Magazine of Textiles
12.99: American Artist Lee Lee celebrates Viet Nam's circle of life VNS, Viet Nam News
10.99: Kitchen Duty by David Wallace, Colorado Home & Lifestyles Magazine
7.95: Making the Art of the Real by Gina Macris, Providence Journal Bulletin
6-8.90: Saigon, a Guidebook, writing and photographing for the first publication of the guide, Vietnam.

Media: Catalogs & Books

5.14: Advocating Creatively – by Natalie Millman, University of Columbia Press
9.13: Stories We Tell – Women’s Caucus for the Arts
5.12: Howl: Invoking Change University of New Mexico Press
11.11: Reverse the Gaze Catalog of the exhibition, Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze at SOMArts in San Francisco, CA
4.11: Metropolis: A Tale of Thatcher Gray on Burning Man
3.11: An Exchange with Sol Lewitt - Curated by Regine Basha in collaboration with Mass MoCA & Cabinet Magazine
1.10: Art Alive: A Fresh Approach to the Basics, by Sally Bartalot
9.09: Preservatives, published in The Tampa Review
1.09: Women in War, published in CALYX - A Journal of Art & Literature by Women.
5.06: The Dead Weight of Complacency, book & exhibition panels published by the Mizel Musem, Denver
1.06: Cambodia, published in CALYX - A Journal of Art & Literature by Women.

Media: Reviews

5.14: Plasticity, RISDxyz
5.13: Bridging the Gap- New exhibit tells immigrants’ unheard stories by Aimee Heckel, Boulder Daily Camera
8.19.12: At RedLine, Colorado and Irish artists take on each others' lands by Ray Rinaldi, The Denver Post
11.21.11: Naked Men Everywhere: New Exhibit Reverses the Gaze by Thomas Gladysz, Huffington Post
11.2.11: Preview of Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze, SF Weekly
11.4.11: Man as Object questions perceptions of male beauty, The Good Men Project
10.28.11: Man as Object pushes our taken for granted ways of seeing, Ms. Magazine
5.11: A 150,000-Pound Hand-Me-Down. Yay? by Neil Genzlinger, the New York Times
6.08: 'Cradle' Hopes to Nurture Africa - Albuquerque Journal
4.8.08: Eight artists offer 'React,' an eclectic show at C. Emerson Fine Arts by Lennie Bennett, St Petersburg Times
11.22.07: Art Questions if Spirit Matters, by Susan King, St. Petersburg Times
10.31.07: Living & Worshipping in a Material World, by Megan Voeller, Creative Loafing
4.07: Reflections of Reality, by Julie Dugdale, 5280 Magazine
1.07: Eyewitness Reports, by Susan Froyd, Westword
5.06: Poetry and art speak to each other, by Kyle MacMillan, The Denver Post
4.06 The Making of Dust, by Michael Paglia, Westword
6.05: The Art of Recycled Trash: Appealing pieces with a political point, by Tequila Minsky, Downtown Express, NY

Awards, Residencies & Exchanges

12.15-1.16: Residency for Hybrid, Exploring the connections between Ireland and Colorado, Regional Cultural Center, Letterkenny, County Donegal, Ireland
8.15: Collabrorative works residency at the Rumpueng Arts Space, Chiang Mai, Thailand through Surface Arts, London
3.13: Plastic – Grant awarded from the Puffin Foundation to support the creation of new work on Plastic
10-11.12: Do You See What I See?, Themed residency at the La Napoule Art Foundation, France
8-9.12: Hybrid, Exchange with Irish artists at Redline, Denver CO. The 2nd half will take place in Ireland, 2014
6.12: Terraphilia - Colorado Art Ranch, Salida CO
9.10: Awarded Best Mixed Media work at the Taos Fall Arts Festival, Taos NM
2.08: Residency at the Ragdale Foundation, Chicago IL
1.08: Fellowship received for a residency at the Vermont Studio Center, VT
8.06-1.07: Best of Colorado Artists, Denver International Airport
5-6.06 & 07: Residency at the Lazy Shamrock Ranch to develop work regarding the effects of global warming in CO.
2-8.02 Study of lithography under James Koga & Ukiyo-e under Ryan Higa, Honolulu Academy of the Arts
8.98: Residency at Peche Farguet in the Lot Valley, France.

Exhibitions Curated by Lee Lee

1-6.14: FRONT|HERE - The Copenhagen Connection, Urban Bike Systems – The Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder, CO
3.08: Nomad, International photography, Gallery 420, Denver CO
2-4.07: 10 “Glocal” Artists Interpret Genocide, the Mizel Museum, Denver, CO
11.03: Hidden in Plain View, Stiles African American Heritage Center, Denver CO.
11.02: Final Breath: A Love Poem, supporting Kenyan families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Gallery 420, Denver
8.95: These Members of my Family, collaboration with the homeless population of Providence. Exhibited at Brown University in the Sarah Doyle Women's Center & in the Central Congregational Church, RI.

Lectures & Education Given

7.14: Collisions: Haiti & the US – Society of Caribbean Studies, Glasgow, Scotland UK
3.14: Water Matters, Amigos Bravos & the Santa Fe Community Foundation, NM
10.14 & 12: Official delegate with Slow Food USA to the Terra Madre conference in Turin, Italy
2011: Genocide & Visual Representation, presentation for the WCA Art & Social Justice Conference - Saint Louis MO
2007: Cultivating Compassion, presentation for the International Conference of Genocide Scholars, Sarajevo, Bosnia
2.06-5.07: Rocky Mountain Survivors Center - encouraging expression by survivors of torture and war trauma.
4.06 & 6.07: University of Colorado lectures regarding how my work addresses racial issues & multiculturalism.
9.05-1.08: Board member of Working With Artists, photography school in Denver
2001-2003: Visiting Artist at La Academia, an alternative high school in Denver; the Spot, an organization to keep kids off the streets in Denver; and in the IB program at George Washington High School in Denver.

Artist Biography

Lee Lee attained her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and has spent time in over 40 countries. These experiences have led her to develop a wide range of painting styles in response to the diverse conditions of our world. Her work is informed by several movements through art history including the feminine expressionist drawings of Kathe Kolwitz to the actions of the 1970s which embraced processes using a shotgun or fire. Rich textures developed through destructive means speak to socio political situations imposed on people as well as environmental degradation. Sensitive mark making atop of these textures explores the emotional textures within a community, emphasizing resilience in the face of adversity. Recently, strong environmental themes have entered into her repertoire as she recognizes that social and political stress is driven by the scarcity of our resources.

Resilience as a theme was manifested through the opportunity to curate an exhibition in regards to Genocide for the Mizel Museum which grew into an installation for the 7th Biennial International Conference of Genocide Scholars in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Other international exhibitions have included an installation of prints at the Instituto Allende in Mexico and paintings exploring the imprint of tradition in contemporary Vietnamese culture at the Metropolitan Center in Saigon, Vietnam. Currently underway is the development of Hybrid, a residency exchange and exhibitions with artists in Ireland.

Recent environmental exhibitions have included REAP: The Environmental Unsustainability of the American Food Machine at C Emerson Fine Art in St Petersburg, FL, Extinction at the Denver Botanic Gardens, and Vanishing Pollinators as part of the Bioneers Conference on Sustainability in San Raphael, CA. Resilience in the face of environmental degradation was explored through an series of work, Guatemala: Mayan Women, created for the 2010 Biennial of the Americas in Denver, and which will be shown at the Dairy Center for the Arts for the Mayan New Year in 2012.

Currently, Lee Lee is using plastic as a material to explore the impacts of plastic on the environment as well as the chemical imprints left in our bodies. The UN Environment Programme recently wrote a feature article on her work about ocean plastic, entitled, The Plastic Flow: From Waste to Waves. Complimenting this theme is work being created which follows the development of a permaculture installation around her Taos, NM studio. The small scale production of food will be presented in contrast to industrial agricultural practice, which like plastic, is exacting a tremendous toll on the environment.



The Debris Project

Debris is an interactive, collaborative installation which is being created as a response to the problems presented by single use plastic. The work reflects the literal problem of plastic in the marine environments, while offering a symbolic representation of the chemical body burdens carried by wildlife and humans alike. In presenting these issues, we are asked to consider misplaced notions of “disposability”, calling in to question consumer driven waste which has devalued what is in fact a very important material.

To see the progress of the Debris, please visit: virtualvoices.org/plastic

The Debris collaboration has engaged audiences through several environments including the Museum Of Natural History at the University Of Colorado, the Denver Aquarium and the Colorado Ocean Coalition’s Making Waves conference. It gathered voices from the Atis Rezistans community of Port-au-Prince Haiti and inspired a performance at Aragorn’s workshop near Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. The installation exhibited in February 2014 at the Chateau de la Napoule, on the Mediterranean Sea in France, where the foundation of the work was created. A portable workshop will be included in Caravanassary at the 2014 Burning Man Festival in Black Rock City. It was featured by the United Nations Programme on the Environment, RISDxyz magazine, Santa Fe Radio Cafe and supported by the Puffin Foundation. Presentations were given for the Amigos Bravos series, Water Matters at the Santa Fe Community Foundation, and for the project, Welcome to the Anthropocene: From Global Challenge to Planetary Stewardship hosted by the Association of Environmental Studies and Sciences at Pace University in New York. Aspects of the project were exhibited at the Glebe Gallery in Ireland, the Networked Urban Mobilities conference in Copenhagen, which explores how new technologies change cities, cultures & economies. It was also be represented at the Terra Madre Conference in Turin, Italy. The next phase will take it to Maui, then on to Thailand as part of a collaborative residency at the Rumpueng Arts Space in Chiang Mai in the summer of 2015. In 2016, it will be included in TransCultural Exchange's winter conference, Expanding Worlds, and travel to Eastern Africa later in the summer.



Resillience in the Face of Globalization

Sacred Soil - Cultivating the Urban Lakou
Installation at the 2015 Ghetto Biennial, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti
The effective revolutionary approach of the Lakou, Vodou and Kreyol have much to offer a wider discourse on preserving traditional farming practices in the face of monumental threats from industrial agriculture. Drawing from the historical importance of agriculture in Haiti, the Sacred Soil project will consist of small permaculture gardens to cultivate nourishment at neighborhood scale. Built from locally sourced materials, oil barrels and tires will be collaboratively transformed into sculpted vessels for the garden containers. They will be installed through the urban Lakou, paired with catchment systems developed to take advantage of intermittent heavy rainfall in order to provide constant access to water so the gardens may be sustained. Working with the most common ingredients used in traditional recipes I gathered while working with grandmothers during the 2013 Ghetto Biennial, planned companion planting will be developed to make high density use of the small spaces. Seeds will be sourced in local markets in Port-Au-Prince, and on the farms where we will also gather soil in a way that supports biodynamic and traditional farming practices of the rural Lakou. Rounding out the project will be a celebratory feast of Tchaka for Lwa Azaka, the well-loved god of agriculture.

Installation of Haiti landscapes at Aqua Art Miami
December 2015 - C emerson fine arts

Installation at the 2013 Ghetto Biennial, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Food prepared slowly, with love, offers comfort and empowerment to those who are nourished by it. It is a cultural foundation, maintained primarily by women, which acts as a strong glue that holds community together in ways that maintain an important sense of identity. During the 2013 Ghetto Biennale in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, I followed grandmothers on their paths of procuring and preparing nourishment, which was shared with the community as a series of performative dinners that took place within the twisted ghetto alleyways. During the process, I transcribed recipes in order to preserve traditional approaches of making and sharing nourishment. Instead of building ethnographic reflections based on an outsider gaze, I used these recipes as a framework to explore the collisions between US food policy and Haitian experience. Drawing on the woodcarving traditions of the area, I also made a series of woodblock portraits of the women. The overall project combines community engaged work with research based narrative and an artistic representation of the issues which confront Haitians. The work looks at alternative economies that have grown out of extreme poverty, as well the expression of pride through maintaining traditions that exist in one of the poorest areas in the western hemisphere. It offers an examination of the role of women, and in particular grandmothers, as pillars of the community through a platform of nourishment.

Installation at the Ghetto Biennial
December 2013 - Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Society for Caribbean Studies
July 2014 - University of Glasgow, Scotand

Moving Beyond Capitalism, Center for Global Justice
August 2014 - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

5-6.13: Installation at the Dairy Center for the Arts, 2590 Walnut Street, Boulder CO

5.10.13: Bridging the Gap - New exhibit tells immigrants' unheard stories by Aimee Heckel, Boulder Daily Camera

10.12: Borders & Boundaries - Harwood Art Center, Albuquerque, NM

7-8.10: Guatemala, Biennial of the Americas, Gallery 420, Denver CO


Permaculture: A Year in Grandpa's Garden
A Year in Grandpa’s Garden seeks to educate children with solutions to some of today’s biggest environmental problems which are caused by the industrial food machine. This body of work follows the development of a permaculture garden by Thatcher Gray and Grandpa. Important solutions stem from growing food in a sustainable way that involves the next generation. Exploring the importance of composting, gray water recycling & filtration through wetlands, habitat construction & maintenance, seed saving, biodiversity and nourishment, Thatcher Gray learns to be conscious of impacts we have on our surroundings. Peter Thatcher Leonard (Grandpa) is a master gardener who focuses on a return to tradition while incorporating new developments in polyculture, aquaponics and permaculture. He is writing haiku to compliment the paintings. The work is available online with expanded explanations and links specific to the subjects addressed

5-6.13: Urban Earth - Downtown Aurora Visual Arts Center, CO
This exhibition highlights the importance of reconnecting people and their environment through sustainable urban landscapes.

12.12: "It is a charming account of three generations working together to create a utopian family haven that speaks to global responsibility"
from An Artful Adventure in Sustainable Living by Lyn Bleiler – Eco Source Magazine

10: Slow Food USA delegate to the Terra Madre conference, Torino Italy
Terra Madre establishes a space “for those who seek to grow, raise, catch, create, distribute and promote food in ways that respect the environment, defend human dignity and protect the health of consumers” to exchange ideas and solutions. It promotes solidarity between eaters and producers, those from the city and those from the countryside, the global North and the global South. It encourages all of us to be united in an international, diverse movement rooted in many different histories, cultures, and communities. Terra Madre shows the international public that a diversity of people-powered, values-based solutions can pave the way for better food and farming around the world.

Synopsis: Global Perspectives on Localized Food Movements

9.27.12: ISEA2012: Machine Wilderness - Reinvisioning Art, Technology & Nature.
Featured our high desert Permaculture/Aquaponics installation around the studio, as well as the paintings that have grown from the process of building it.

7.12: Publication in Edible Santa Fe - Featuring the Tales of Thatcher Gray watercolors on Permaculture

8-9.11: Nature: Working! Exhibition on Permaculture at 910Arts, Denver CO

Food Justice: Impacts of the Industrial Food Machine
Exhibitions featuring works on Industrial Agriculture:
6-8.12: Natural/Constructed Spaces, The Painting Center, New York NY
"Lee Lee's silvery gray Crop Circles provides an aerial view of cultivated agricultural land seemingly through a rain screen, as though the blurred landscape is disintegrating beneath us" from the curatorial statement by Galen Cheney & Marianne Van Lent
5-8.12: Taos Contemporary - Metropolitan State University - Center for Visual Art, Denver, CO
10.10: Vanishing Pollinators, Bioneers Conference – WEAD installation, San Rafael, CA
5.10: Art & Agriculture, Columbia Center for the Arts, Hood River OR
10.09: Reap: The Environmental Unsustainability of the American Food Machine, C Emerson Fine Art, St Petersburg FL
10.09: Bitter but Beautiful Harvest – Lee Lee’s stark style captures anger and elegance among environmental degradation by Lennie Bennett, St Petersburg Times
5-7.09: Extinction: Artists Respond, Denver Botanic Gardens, CO – catalog available


Initiated by Rian Kerrane, a native of Ireland, Hybrid asks fourteen artists to “cross over”. The artists’ work examines the experience of crossing the Atlantic in the current political climate while acknowledging historic influences from each artist’s perspective; identifying experiences of (dis)placement and immersion in cultural and social surroundings from either side of the Atlantic. RedLine provides the first venue for a pair of exhibitions, the second of which will take place in Ireland, allowing each artist to engage both with “local” proximity and “foreign” distance in turn.

12.15 - 1.16: Conclusion of the exchange will occur in Letterkenny, Ireland

8-9.12: Hybrid - Redline: 2350 Arapahoe Street, Denver CO 80205 - Exhibition curated by Rian Kerrane - August 11 – September 30, 2012 - Catalog

8.19.12: At RedLine, Colorado and Irish artists take on each others' lands by Ray Rinaldi for the Denver Post

6.12: Awarded a Terraphilia residency through the Colorado Art Ranch on which the Hybrid work was developed around the long term ecological impacts of hardrock mining on the Arkansas river. The bulk of the miners who came out west were from Ireland and have had a lasting imprint on the culture here.


Belize, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bosnia, Botswana, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, China, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, Tibet, Trinidad, US, Vietnam, Virgin Isands, West Indies, Zambia, Zimbabwe...


The Tales of Thatcher Gray

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