In collaboration with the Blue Hill Garden Club, Downeast Gleaning Initiative, Magic Food Bus & the Blue Hill Heritage Trust, we are working to increase food security during the shutdown and through the rest of the year as our community faces unfolding food in-security. Seed to seed education will be offered in both the new public garden in the town of Blue Hill and the community garden at the Blue Hill Heritage Trust. Both gardens will be producing food for free distribution to those in greatest need.

Join us Saturday mornings from 10am to noon at the Public Garden on Tenney Hill for knowledge sharing sessions as we cultivate the land, learn how to save the seeds while harvesting produce to distribute freely to our neighbors in need around the peninsula. Please wear a mask and maintain the required six foot distance as we work together through these uncertain times.

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This site is dedicated to archiving visual art created by Lee Lee.

Lee Lee watercolor of Speyeria cybele
Lee Lee: Speyeria Cybele (after dreamdan)
Watercolor, colored pencil & conte on paper

Currently based in Maine, I’m creating works on paper while thinking about ecologic systems, open source seeds and the creative commons. Drawing and watermedia on paper explore the communities of non human species with whom we share our world. Practicing at the intersection of art and ecology, these drawings, paintings and prints are created along side the cultivation of community based collaborations that focus on restoration and preservation.

Explore recent works
Ecologic systems: butterflies
Insect-apocalypse: Bombus

Collaborative, ecology based works may be explored at (These works have been my primary focus over the past five years)

Neo Rio 2020: HOME
Hosted by LEAP (Land Experience & Art of Place) as a virtual engagement during the COVID19 pandemic, the work explores ideas of HOME. Our work situates ideas of home and displacement as we reflect on the place we currently dwell.

This section follows the journeys that inspired my paintings and informed the world view behind them.

With a focus on overarching themes of food production, ancient and emergent technologies and mobilities, this section contextualizes my work within a global scope.