Lee Lee watercolor of Speyeria cybele
Lee Lee: Speyeria Cybele (after dreamdan)
Watercolor, colored pencil & conte on paper

Working within the landscape has become the means which I use to explore our relationship with non human species with whom we share our world. Through the process of sculpting gardens with stone and earth, I note the return of a wide array of wildlife. Researching local ecologic communities, I collect open source images to make observational drawings and paintings, then use these as a starting point to explore ways of representing the fleeting ways these creatures pass through our spheres. My work within the landscape is all about community engagement, education and collaborations ( In tandem with these fieldworks, I have been creating visual art that quite literally draws from the process of discovery throughout the journey of restoring plants and healing landscapes.

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Ecologic systems: butterflies
Insect-apocalypse: Bombus

Neo Rio 2020: HOME
Hosted by LEAP (Land Experience & Art of Place) as a virtual engagement during the COVID19 pandemic, the work explores ideas of HOME. Our work situates ideas of home and displacement as we reflect on the place we currently dwell.

This section follows the journeys that inspired my paintings and informed the world view behind them.

With a focus on overarching themes of food production, ancient and emergent technologies and mobilities, this section contextualizes my work within a global scope.

Collaborative works: